GIB 6.20

A digital version of the classic bridge game set
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Play bridge from the desktop of a computer. Access the digital game table and select the type of game you want, then move and flip the cards. View the scores, save the results, select the interface language, access various hints or online feedback from other players.

GIB is a bridge playing game for Windows PCs.

Main Features:

- Highest quality of play of any bridge program, commercial or otherwise
- Easy-to-use graphical interface
- Multilingual interface supporting Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Spanish, Swedish and other languages
- Get hints or watch GIB think
- Compare your play with closed room experts: Replay 9000 deals from international tournaments and compare your actions to those of the masters (screen shots) or play one of 6000 deals that have been preplayed by GIB
- Variety of defensive signalling options. Not only does GIB signal, it watches your signals and defends appropriately.

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